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Why curer care?

Transforming Healthcare for You

Anywhere, Anytime Healthcare

Easily access a wide network of healthcare providers and services, ensuring care is always within reach.

Health Monitoring Made Simple

Our technology keeps a close eye on your health, alerting your doctor if you need urgent care.

Save Money on Treatment

We make sure you get the best care at lower costs, saving you up to 40%.

Less Time in Hospitals

With Curer, you can get a lot of your care at home. This means fewer hospital visits, up to 80% less.

Our specialities

We offer treatment across 30+ specialties. Our select panel of doctors is one of the country's most experienced and highest-rated.

Our Services

Get complete care from Diagnosis to Recovery- With Curer, envision a future where quality healthcare is a right, not a privilege

Accurate diagnosis &
customised treatment plans

Hospital like
treatment at home

Affordable surgery &
post-surgery care

  • Multispecialty Doctor Panel Consultation.
  • Specialist Consultations - Online and At Clinic.
  • 24x7 Instant GP Doctor consultation.
  • Diagnostic Test Bookings – At Home or Nearby Centers.
  • ICU care at Home
  • Doctor at Home
  • Dialysis at home
  • Physiotherapy at home
  • Nurse/ Attendant at home
  • Surgery & procedures at partner hospitals
  • Affordable surgery & Post-Surgery care
Our care centers

Experience our care centers that are designed to provide you the best treatment in the safest manner with our specialists

ICU & Post-ICU Care
  • Thoroughly sanitized equipment delivered at your home.
  • 24 x 7 qualified and experienced nurse on full attendance.
  • 4-5 direct online consultations and monitoring by a dedicated specialist throughout the day.
  • Insurance coverage policy available.
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Medical Tourism

  • Virtual consulting and diagnosis by an expert team of doctors and physicians.
  • Maximum treatment online.
  • Travel and hospitalization only when extremely necessary.
  • Hospitalization only in partner hospitals at discounted rates.

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Great results guaranteed from the comfort of your home. Consultation with highly experienced fertility specialists. Affordable IVF plans. Ongoing fertility counselling.

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Infection Care

Highly specialized infection care with full isolation and quarantine facilities. Remain at home but keep your family members safe. Homecare with online appointments with specialists.

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Elderly Care

Empathetic staff, routine checkups, regular online consulting with old-age specialists and 24 x 7 care within the familiar home environment.

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Palliative Care

Greatly improved quality of life of the patient with maximum care given to comfort & pain reduction. Video consultation with specialists, home visits by doctors, and 24 x 7 at-home care by staff trained to mitigate extreme discomfort.

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Dental Aligners

Get a magical smile. Dental straightening and alignment using transparent dental aligners. Best packages at partner dental clinics.

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Happy Stories

You will love the way we care for you!

We took services for my wife Rashmi Gupta in the month of May 2021. I would say the doctor was professional and took time to understand our case.

Our experience was excellent and if I needed to rate them - then I would give 10 out of 10 for their services and proper follow-ups they did on a daily basis.

Excellent services and would recommend others to try the Curer app as well.


I am fully satisfied with the services where doctor enquired about my medical history and understood the symptoms. He gave medical treatment and explained the treatment plan with me.

My treatment went well in a timely manner and overall, I am highly satisfied with the services provided to me. Curer team provided prompt support to me.

I would definitely recommend Curer to my friends & family.


I am very satisfied with my physiotherapy session at home from Curer.

I have got tremendous relief from my pain.

Dr. Sachin is very competent. Curer was very professional and prompt with their services.


The service was excellent!
The picture quality can be improved but overall, the service is great and was very helpful.
Curer is providing the best medical services with professional doctors.
Curer takes proper follow-up consultations and truly takes care of their patients.


About us

Stay in the comfort of your home with your loved ones and get access to the best specialist doctors and healthcare services curated for you with access to a wide range of at-home services anytime, anywhere. We, at Curer, promise to care for you like family.

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What does Curer do?

Curer provides you overarching medical treatment at home. A normal course of treatment entails multiple visits to the hospital, getting admitted, multiple appointments with a specialist or with an array of specialists, and then spending days, sometimes weeks, lying in the hospital ward, away from your loved ones and away from your familiar home environment.

Curer brings everything at home. Even advanced medical treatment. Your treatment begins with an online diagnosis by a panel of specialists. After getting detailed feedback from you they recommend a course of treatment. The primary objective is to give you treatment at home, as much as possible. A visit to the hospital or getting admitted into the hospital is recommended only when it is unavoidable.

Main headlines:

  • 80% treatment at home.
  • Hospitalization only when necessary.
  • Reduced rates at partner hospitals when hospitalized.
  • Personalized, home-based treatment plans under the guidance of specialist doctors.
What services does Curer offer?
  • Multi-specialty online consulting.
  • 24 x 7 general practitioner consulting.
  • ICU care at home.
  • Advanced treatments like dialysis and x-rays at home.
  • Nursing care at home – 24 x 7.
  • Physical therapy and occupational therapy at home.
  • Home visits by specialist doctors.
  • Infection treatment at home including complete hygiene, quarantine, and observation.
  • Well-structured pricing bracketed in the form of 499, 999, 1499, and so on.
  • Off-line appointment facility within the app.
  • Medical document and prescription management within the dashboard.
  • Fully secure communication with privacy protection.
  • Affordable surgery & post-surgery care
  • Surgery and medical procedures at partner hospitals at discounted rates.
  • Post-surgery follow-up treatment at home, even the ICU period.
How can I book Curer services?

You can book all our services using the Curer app. If you haven’t already downloaded it, for Android, please go to Google Play Store and for iPhone, the Apple App Store, from your smartphone. Registration can be done using your mobile phone or one of your social media accounts, or your email ID. Once registered, you can book a service extremely fast and with great ease.

Alternatively, you can visit our website and fill the form with all your details, to book our medical services.

How does Curer help you in getting an accurate diagnosis?

When you have a health problem, and if you seek medical consultation through the Curer app, a panel of specialists from different medical fields analyse your symptoms. For example, if the symptoms show that your problem is generated from your heart, but actually it is being generated from your kidneys, a multipronged approach helps our specialist pinpoint exactly what the problem is and what course of treatment is recommended. This is a holistic approach that goes to the root cause of the problem rather than ameliorating the symptoms.

How can Curer help you get medical treatment at home?

We have tie ups with multiple specialists, medical care providers, consultants, and hospitals. We can provide state-of-the-art equipment at your home to give you an ICU-equivalent environment. When you book a service from our Curer app or from our Curer website, 80% of the treatment happens at home, including the initial multi-specialist diagnosis and course of treatment. Throughout your treatment you can stay in your familiar home environment, among your loved ones. The services Curer provides include

  • ICU care at home
  • Home visits by specialist doctors.
  • Dialysis at home.
  • Physiotherapy at home.
  • Nurse or caretaker at home, 24 x 7.

Our services are performed by qualified and highly trained professionals. They are constantly monitored by our team of specialist doctors.

In which cities are Curer services available?

We are serving different verticals and the services are available accordingly. Our online consultation services are available throughout India, and on some occasions, even abroad. Our multi-specialty panel can provide online diagnosis through your mobile phone, no matter where you are, as long as you have decent Internet connectivity to facilitate video streaming.

Hospital -like treatment at home currently is only available in Delhi NCR & Mumbai.

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