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Why curer care?

Say Goodbye to Long Hospital Stays - Get Hospital Level Care at Home with Curer

Save up to 40%

Our optimized and customized treatment plans minimize hospital stay and saves you up to 40%.

24 x 7 specialist care

You are under constant supervision and monitoring by our panel of specialists.

Fully qualified paramedical staff

Highly qualified, trained and experienced paramedical staff takes care of you at-home. FDA-approved equipment is used.

Fully safe and hygienic

It will be like getting treated in a 5-star hospital. World-class environment is created right at home.

Our Services

ICU care at home

  • 40% cheaper than hospital-based treatment with better quality and greater comfort for you and your loved ones.
  • State-of-the-art equipment installed at home.
  • All major insurance providers are covered.
  • 24-hour care by qualified and experienced medical staff, at your home.
  • 24-hour monitoring by a team of critical care specialists.
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Doctor at home

  • Best, specialist medical attention at home.
  • 30+ specialties covered.
  • Specialist doctors visit you at home within 6 hours of booking.
  • Emergency visits.
  • Round-the-clock online consulting.
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Dialysis at home

  • Advanced portable dialysis equipment – fully sanitized and sterilised.
  • Dialysis performed under the supervision of a trained nephrologist through video conferencing.
  • Highly trained technician.
  • Authentic injection medicines are provided at wholesale prices.
  • Continuous monitoring of the vitals during the dialysis.
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Physiotherapy at home

  • Experienced and certified physiotherapist.
  • Complete pre-therapy evaluation at home and a customized treatment plan – free of cost.
  • Focus on faster and complete recovery.
  • Exercise schedule and diet plan are provided to support therapy.
  • Real-time feedback and monitoring by a senior physiotherapist and orthopedic specialist with instant online consultation when needed.
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Nurse/attendant at home

  • Certified and highly trained nursing staff.
  • 24 x 7 support if needed.
  • World-class benchmarks for all caregivers.
  • Uncompromising hygiene and sanitization.
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Our specialties

Our panel of doctors go through strenuous scrutiny before they are included in our app. Only the highest rated specialists are included for providing treatment to our patients.

Happy Stories

You will love the way we care for you!

We took services for my wife Rashmi Gupta in the month of May 2021. I would say the doctor was professional and took time to understand our case.

Our experience was excellent and if I needed to rate them - then I would give 10 out of 10 for their services and proper follow-ups they did on a daily basis.

Excellent services and would recommend others to try the Curer app as well.


I am fully satisfied with the services where doctor enquired about my medical history and understood the symptoms. He gave medical treatment and explained the treatment plan with me.

My treatment went well in a timely manner and overall, I am highly satisfied with the services provided to me. Curer team provided prompt support to me.

I would definitely recommend Curer to my friends & family.


I am very satisfied with my physiotherapy session at home from Curer.

I have got tremendous relief from my pain.

Dr. Sachin is very competent. Curer was very professional and prompt with their services.


The service was excellent!
The picture quality can be improved but overall, the service is great and was very helpful.
Curer is providing the best medical services with professional doctors.
Curer takes proper follow-up consultations and truly takes care of their patients.


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Can an ICU be really set up at home

In most of the cases, yes. We can set up a comprehensive ICU unit at home based on your medical requirements. Critical care can be provided to you (or your loved one) in the comfort of your home. Physicians who specialize in taking care of critically ill people (intensivists) will monitor your situation electronically 24x7.

As a professional service that provides healthcare at home we don't just provide equipment, we also provide well-trained nursing and clinical staff. Every piece of equipment is state-of-the-art.

Why is ICU at home a better option compared to getting admitted to hospital?

There are multiple reasons. When you get admitted to a hospital, you need to book a room, which is an extra expense. You are homesick and hence, take longer to recover. You are away from your familiar surroundings. There is a risk of catching infections from other patients no matter how careful you are, and this risk is for you as well as your family members who need to constantly visit you at the hospital.

All the cutting-edge pieces of equipment that are installed in the ICU, we can install at home. Only in the rarest of the rare cases this is not possible. You recuperate in your familiar surroundings. Trained clinical staff and nurses are available to you round-the-clock. Specialists monitor your vital signs 24x7. You can save up to 50% of the treatment cost when you set up the ICU at home.

Is the staff that provides you care at home capable of handling emergency situations at home?

The nursing staff giving you ICU care at home is fully certified and trained. They have received ICU training in major corporate hospitals. The vital signs of the patient are continuously monitored by doctors and intensivists (specialists take care of critically ill patients). The nurse that is appointed to the patient is fully equipped with vital supplies, medication, and even an oxygen cylinder for emergency situations. 24 x 7 ambulance and empanelled doctors are always accessible. Timely treatment can be provided to the patient without losing precious time.

What kind of training have the nurses gone through and how experienced are they?

The nurses that we provide you can be compared to any first-class specialty hospital in your city. Some may even be better trained and better qualified than the nurses that are provided to you when you admit to a hospital. Our nursing staff undergoes extensive training such as

  • Berkeley HealthEDU – customized training with high fidelity simulators.
  • American Health Association certified Basic Life Support training.
  • Mandatory 66+ clinical competency checks before the nurses can begin independent visits to the patients' homes.
How do we maintain the quality of our nursing services?

We have a well-defined clinical protocol that is at par with any international hospital standard. Every service of treatment is Doctor driven. We conduct daily audits. These consist of the patient's daily assessment reports with the supervising doctor so that timely intervention can be done. There are also weekly telephone or video audits. For prolonged treatment, monthly on-site audits and evaluation are organized by specialists. There is a Home Visit Report that is assessed and analysed by our clinical team to ensure that best medical care is being provided to the patient, without compromise.

What is physiotherapy when done at home?

Physiotherapy is a set of exercises that is performed to build muscle strength and maintain flexibility. Whenever there is an injury or even a stroke, some limbs stop moving. The brain needs to learn to move them again. This can be done with the help of a physiotherapist. For example, a physiotherapist will bend and stretch your knee multiple times to maintain the blood flow and to stop your joints from atrophying. Physiotherapy is also done for occupational rehabilitation such as getting up from bed, walking around, and doing your chores.

How much will each physiotherapy session cost?

The cost of every physiotherapy session at home depends on the patient's treatment plan. Some physiotherapy sessions may be longer than the others. More equipment might be needed.

Specialized therapy might be needed. All these will need to be taken into account when deciding the cost per session.

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