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Why curer care?

Say Goodbye to Overpriced Hospital Bills-Experience Evidence Based Surgery with Curer

Seamless admission and discharge

No paperwork required. Admission, discharge, and insurance through the app itself.

40% cost reduction with multiple options

Choose one of our partner hospitals that suits your budget. Hospital stay for only 2-3 days. The rest of the recovery at home.

Assisted surgery experience

A dedicated medical coordinator will assist you throughout the surgery journey including insurance, paperwork, and free commute.

Post-surgery care

Post-surgery care at home; includes free follow-up consultations, 24 x 7 care, therapy and dietary consultation.

Our Services

Surgery & procedures at partner hospitals

  • Surgeries and procedures at 40% lower cost at the hospital/surgical center of your choice.
  • The team of doctors and consultants who diagnose you initially remain the same no matter which partner hospital or surgical center you choose for the procedure.
  • Surgery recommended only when unavoidable.
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Post-surgery care at home

  • Spend less time at the hospital and get post-surgery care at home.
  • Less time at the hospital means lower medical bills.
  • Stay close to your loved ones and recover faster at home.
  • Faster recovery in the friendlier home environment.
  • State-of-the-art technology.
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Our specialties

Our panel of doctors go through strenuous scrutiny before they are included in our app. Only the highest rated specialists are included for providing treatment to our patients.

Happy Stories

You will love the way we care for you!

We took services for my wife Rashmi Gupta in the month of May 2021. I would say the doctor was professional and took time to understand our case.

Our experience was excellent and if I needed to rate them - then I would give 10 out of 10 for their services and proper follow-ups they did on a daily basis.

Excellent services and would recommend others to try the Curer app as well.


I am fully satisfied with the services where doctor enquired about my medical history and understood the symptoms. He gave medical treatment and explained the treatment plan with me.

My treatment went well in a timely manner and overall, I am highly satisfied with the services provided to me. Curer team provided prompt support to me.

I would definitely recommend Curer to my friends & family.


I am very satisfied with my physiotherapy session at home from Curer.

I have got tremendous relief from my pain.

Dr. Sachin is very competent. Curer was very professional and prompt with their services.


The service was excellent!
The picture quality can be improved but overall, the service is great and was very helpful.
Curer is providing the best medical services with professional doctors.
Curer takes proper follow-up consultations and truly takes care of their patients.


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How does the medical coordinator help a patient?

Lots of work is needed when you seek treatment at a hospital and your loved ones are constantly running from pillar to post, sorting out insurance, arranging treatment and medication, getting different tests and scheduling between different specialists and doctors. Our trained coordinator takes care of everything so that you and your loved ones can fully focus on your recovery, without bothering with what goes on in the background.

Does Curer Care provide any emergency surgical treatment?

Yes, through our partner hospitals and assigned specialists. Although we can reduce visits to hospitals and clinics by 80%, there are some medical conditions that require admittance into hospital and emergency surgical treatment. Hence, aside from providing medical treatment at home, we also arrange emergency surgical treatments at our partner hospitals. The same specialists and consultants who diagnose you initially will perform most of the surgical procedures. Low-cost high-quality surgery is ensured through our partner hospitals. After-surgery care is provided at home.

Does Curer Care have its own hospitals?

Curer Care does not have its own hospitals, but we partner with world-class hospitals in case a visit to hospital is required or if you need a surgical treatment. Our primary focus is at-home medical treatment but if visiting a hospital is completely unavoidable, we have collaborated with different multispecialty hospitals across the region where you will be provided treatment at reduced cost.

Can I consult with a doctor online?

Yes, using our Curer Care app you can consult a general practitioner or a panel of experts, depending on your symptoms. All consultation happens through video chat. Home visits from specialist doctors are available in case there is a need. 24 x 7 GP consultation is available to our paid subscribers.

Does Curer Care have insurance coverage for all surgeries?

Which surgeries and treatments are covered under your insurance policy depends on the terms and conditions of the insurance policy you have bought. If the surgery and treatment is covered under your insurance policy, it is also covered by Curer Care.

How does the Medical Coordinator help a patient?

A medical coordinator handles all the administrative tasks on your behalf. They set up your schedule with different specialists and doctors. They help you communicate your side of the story clearly to different stakeholders. They help you with your insurance processing. They can arrange nurses and medical staff for home care. They can also help you with acquiring the right medication and the appropriate prescriptions from your doctors.

How Curer Care takes care of patients on the day of the surgery?

The patient just needs to arrive at the chosen partner hospital on the day of the surgery at the appointed time. Your medical coordinator will be waiting there to provide every possible assistance.

What kind of surgeries does Curer provide?

Surgeries depend on your personalized treatment plan. After the diagnosis our specialists prepare a customized treatment plan for you and then accordingly, they suggest the best possible surgery. We provide many affordable surgery options. There are 30+ specialties under which we provide major and minor surgeries. Hence, if you’re looking for a good surgeon, you can definitely find him or her among our specialists. But, unlike many hospitals, we don't suggest surgeries at the drop of a hat. Our specialists recommend surgery only when it is of utmost importance.

Will my current medical insurance policy have coverage when I get treatment from your Curer app?

Our insurance team will get your insurance approved within 30 minutes depending on your medical insurance policy. Getting surgery done with Curer is as simple as getting your surgery done in a conventional manner when it comes to medical insurance. Insurance can be processed for surgery as well as post-surgery treatment or care (depending on your plan). Your insurance coverage depends on whether you have got personal health insurance or corporate. The coverage also depends on the conditions set by your insurance provider. Whatever is your online treatment plan our insurance team will get you the maximum benefit out of your policy whether it is cashless or reimbursement payment. Your insurance policy may also be applicable in some hospitals and not in others. We can help you choose the right hospital through our partner network as per your insurance policy.

How does Curer help me save my cost?

There are multiple ways Curer helps you reduce your medical bills when getting surgery at home. Although we provide the best online doctor's appointment and consultation services in India there are various ways Curer helps you reduce your cost. We get your surgery at our partner hospitals where you can avail low cost high quality surgery and then you get post-surgery treatment at home. Patients need to stay at the hospital for just 2-3 days during the highly crucial period and the rest of the recuperation happens at home. Since a big part of your treatment happens at home this considerably reduces your medical bills.

How does Curer ensure quality control at Curer surgery centers?

Looking for a good surgeon or looking for affordable surgery options? Curer has no dearth of them. All Curer-affiliated surgical centers are NABH (National Accreditation Board for Hospitals & Healthcare) certified. They are onboarded only if they pass our stringent quality check parameters. Although we primarily focus on online doctor consultation, we know that even if you have to spend a small part of your treatment at our partner hospital it must maintain the highest safety and hygiene standards. All our partner hospitals are world-class with the latest modern equipment and best qualified and experienced doctors, consultants, specialists, and nursing staff.

How does Curer take care of the patient on the day of the surgery?

On the day of the surgery a dedicated "care buddy" is assigned to the patient. He or she acts like a family member but with an in-depth knowledge of how the hospital systems work. He or she will be responsible for carrying out all the important tasks and paperwork while the patient and his or her family focuses on the surgery.

What does the Curer brand fully represent?

We are a virtual hospital providing customized and personalized treatment plans that work better than conventional hospitals in many ways. We aim to provide the best specialist doctors across multiple geographies. We provide online doctors’ appointment services and online doctor consultation services that are at par with any medical standard all over the world. We set up hospital-like care at home for our patients. We provide trained nurses that monitor and supervise the patient 24x7. Except for highly critical cases visits to hospital are eliminated or minimised. Everything, from pathology lab tests to the needed equipment (based on the patient's requirement), are provided at home. We aim to provide the complete gamut of healthcare services right from multi-specialist diagnosis to treatment and recuperation, right in the comfort of your home.

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